Tungsten nymphs

Quill grayling
These tail-less little flies are very good for grayling, however trout would not refuse it at all...

Sedge pupa
A fly that doesn't need a description. Chocolate tungsten bead, Virtual Nymph's Nymph Skin o..

Pink bead TT
Pink bead comes to angler's mind when speaking of grayling fishing. But it also works great on e..

Little quills
Little quill nymphs ideally fished upstream on a french leader are a destructive weapon in low water..

Orange bead TT
Orange colour on flies has often been considered as a trigger - in this case it surely is. 3 size..

San baboon
Very nicely segmented heavy fly with a black back in 5 colour variants. Available in 10's and..

Big nymph
Big size 8 hook, heavy tungsten. ..

Gold bead TT
This fly doesn't need special prescription to use - just tie it on. 5 body variants, 3 sizes...

White bead TT
White beads are often used by compettors on slightly coloured water. 5 body variants, 3 sizes. ..

Black bead TT
If the fish do not respond to shiny beads there is a black one here - in small sizes has worked for ..

Tinsel rib
Relatively small and heavy tungsten nymphs in 2 sizes and 5 body variants. Barbless hooks of cour..

Pheasant tail
Most popular nymph of the world - a must-have for trout and grayling allover the world. 3 sizes, ..