About Us

Briefly -  we tie flies and manufacture some fly tying products. We sell only what we produce.

Longer version below:

Polishquills' creation was accidental - an unforeseen consequence of flyfishing.
Fishing on the San river in Poland we often use very sparse flies imitating all kinds of olives ideally with an abdomen made of  stripped peacock quills for segmentation.

Once we found a way to do it as quickly and easily as possible, which is still pretty slow, we realised that friends robbed us from any quantity we had.

Why not sell it?  said Arek my fishing pal one day - first sales hugely surpassed our expectations and after few years they still do.

That’s where it all started – we sat down, had a wine or three and decided to set up PolishQuills in its actual shape.

A natural consequence was to supply people with flies, which Arek was tying anyway for all my fishing clients.

Who is Polishquills then?

Well I mentioned Arek already – an incredible fly tier and the only artist that used to work down in a coal mine. Arek's job is to tie some flies, but more and more, because of how the company grew lately, his role is to control the quality of flies tied by all our fly tiers and distributing the work among them. Briefly you can blame Arek for our flies.

The other one is me – Wojtek, I’m running a fly fishing lodge on the most wonderful river San in south-eastern Poland as well as few other little businesses - I can't just sit down... I'm the contact person for all our clients as I do speak few languages as well as the purchase department, webmaster, marketing director and whatever else is needed. Briefly you can blame me for anything.

There would be no Polishquills without sir Jeremy Lucas, great friend, my fishing teacher, life instructor, grown up angler, writer, gentleman and the one that came up with the name. A book could be written about all good people that helped us in some way.

We have used proudly for this website a few pictures of Florian Moellers - may the force be with you Florian!

otherwise all pictures are taken and copyrighted by Wojtek,

Polishquills is a trademark owned by Polishquills sp. z o.o.